Hello, 2017!

So here it is, my ‘new year, new me’ rubbish that along with millions of others across the world, I vow at the start of every year and never stick to.. but this year I really hope that it will be different. I am not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve, I don’t really celebrate by going out and having copious amounts of alcohol, my favourite thing to do is stay at home and wait for midnight and watch the London Eye fireworks going off on the TV.. boring I know! However, my favourite thing about the New Year is the chance it gives you to have a fresh start. If you have goals you want to set, do it! I know I have many that I want to try my hardest in reaching this year.

2017 has already had an incredible start for me, my life long dream of visiting New York City came true at the beginning of January when my wonderful boyfriend took me there for a week as a birthday treat. To make sure that I make the most of this up and coming year I have set myself a few goals that I want to make sure I achieve.

  1. Work hard on all my final year modules and successfully (hopefully) graduate university.
  2. Go on the hunt for my dream graduate job, and (fingers crossed) start working full time.
  3. Eat healthier, and start exercising more and generally look after my body. (I know this is at the top of lists every year but this year I am determined!)
  4. Take advantage of every opportunity thrown my way.
  5. Travel more! After coming back from NYC, I have the travel bug and want to make much more of an effort to see the world.
  6. To stay calm! To not let irrelevant people and stuff to get under my skin and irritate me..something I have always found extremely hard.
  7. Try and stick to blogging this time! Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, but I have always felt very imtimidated by the idea of it, but I want a put an end to that and get on with the stuff I want to do rather than make up excuses not to try.

These are my main goals I want to make sure I try and achieve by the end of 2017, what are some of yours? Thanks for reading my ramble..

Alice xofullsizerender-7


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