I’m back! – Lets do this.

18034365_10210975842506120_1653962719378963415_nHey everyone!

Long time no speak! For those of you who don’t know, I have recently finished my three year University degree in Journalism. I am now free from essays and education, and I am officially on the hunt for a grown up, graduate job! Time to be an adult! (cry).

University has taken up loads of my time in the past three years, so now having been without it for a couple of weeks I have really noticed how strange it feels to not have any projects and deadlines to complete. Having all this extra time on my hands (whilst doing a spot of job hunting) has really made me want to get back in to blogging again.

Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, and for whatever reason, mainly university, I have often neglected slightly and either taken a break from it, or not come back at all. Now I know it’s now June (wth?! June?!) but I am making a new resolution (yes half way through the year) to commit to this blogging malarkey again and upload a post at least once a week.

Hope everyone is ok and enjoying life! Speak soon!

Alice xo


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