Recent Beauty Buys.

Hey Guys!

Now as you will all find out very quickly, I am a bit of a make-up lover. I love reading about new products on blogs, and I could easily spend hours watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. I am one of those ‘omg people are raving about it therefore I must own it’ kind of person (ooops!).

For this post I thought it would be a fun idea if I showed you people my most recent beauty buys, why I got them and what I think of them.. enjoy!!

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid.

Now these things are just perfection in my eyes, like have you ever seen anything prettier in you whole life!? I saw them all over the internet so I bought three different shades (yes I know, a bit extreme) the first being ‘Rose Gold Retro’ which was the shade at the top of my list because I LOVE rose gold. The other 2 shades I got were ‘Kitten Karma’ and ‘Diamond Dust’. They are all absolutely stunning. Anyone who wants them and hasn’t tried them, DO IT!


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.

I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this one, but I got this palette after some research into the best palette for everyday wear. I have never owned a palette from Urban Decay before and wanted to join the UD crew.. I felt that this one appealed to me the most and so far I’m really enjoying it! Pretty shades and I am finding myself reaching for it every single morning!


Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Manny MUA collab.

I watch a lot of YouTube, and two of the influencers I watch quite often is Jeffree Star and Manny MUA. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands ever for liquid lipsticks and blinding highlighters so when it was announced they were teaming up I just could not refuse! The collection came with one highlighter, ‘Eclipse’, and two matte liquid lipsticks, ‘Daddy’ & ‘I’m shook’. The highlighter is beautiful just like the other two I own, and Jeffree’s formula of liquid lipstick is my faveee so I am really happy with my purchases!


RCMA No Colour Powder.

I bought this when it became available on Beauty Bay after hearing Jaclyn Hill on YouTube absolutely rave about this product and I am totally in love with it! The amount of product you get in the pot is insane, and every time I use a bit it never seems to go down! I feel like it will take me ages to get through it, and the actual products works wonders on keeping make-up on all day!


Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

I remember seeing this mascara around on the internet ages ago and it went viral because of how amazing it made lashes look. Now I am not blessed with beautiful, long and curled lashes so I am constantly looking for something to me out in that department. My cousins girlfriend works for Younique as a distributer so I thought now is a good time to try it out for myself. I have only used it once or twice but was really impressed, so I might do a review post on it soon!


Ghost Sweetheart Perfume.

Now I know this isn’t technically make-up, but wanted to mention it anyway.. I was in need of a new perfume and when I nipped into Superdrug and noticed an offer on ‘Ghost perfumes, I couldn’t resist! It smells amazingly fresh (my kinda scent) and I have had plenty of compliments when wearing it, so it’s definitely a winner for me!


Thanks for reading this post guys, what have been your most recent beauty buys? I’d love to know!! See you next time!

Alice xo
































formula of liquid lipstick is my favourite!

RCMA No-Colour Powder.






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