June Favourites.

Hey guys,

Am I the only one who can’t actually believe its July? On to the seventh month of the year already, it’s mad! June seems to have just said hello and already it’s saying goodbye. It’s been a busy month, and I have come across some wonderful new products and also rediscovered my love for some I forgot I owned.

I have tried to mix things up this month and include some favourites that aren’t just beauty products, so here is what I have been loving throughout the last month..

Morphe 35B Bronzed Mocha Palette.

I came across the Morphe 25A and 25B palettes at the beginning of the year when I saw them being used by certain YouTube beauty guru’s and I instantly knew I needed them. At the time, they were being advertised as limited edition and my heart was hurting at the idea of not being able to own them, so I bought them from the Morphe website (paid far more than I’d like to admit) and I fell in love. I had never owned a Morphe palette before these but what drew me to them was the packaging. I liked the clear plastic tops so much more than the typical Morphe black packaging. While I love both palettes, I am so much more drawn to the 25B due to the coppery, goldy, rose goldy and browny tones, they are so me! It can be used day or night and can be made as natural or as dramatic as you want. And those shimmer shades? WOW!

Freedom Brow Pomade.

Now this is one of those products I bought a while ago, shoved in my makeup bag after using once, and forgetting about it. But after using up all of my ABH brow whiz (cry) and being too poor to replace it, I rediscovered this and realised that I love it. I have used it every single day for the last month and a half and not only have I been noticing how much neater my brows look, but other people have been complimenting me too which is always a bonus! It lasts all day and because of the ‘tacky-ish’ formula it almost acts as a setting gel so they don’t budge either!

Jeffree Star Skinfrost – Princess Cut. 

Now I became a little bit obsessed with Jeffree Star Cosmetics skin frosts after buying my first one, Peach Goddess last year. They are just perfect for someone who loves a blinding highlight, but I personally find them perfect for everyday wear too. I purchased the shade “Princess Cut” back at the beginning of the year and I have been loving wearing it recently. It’s a very icey toned pale pinky shade and on my fair(ish) skin tone I really think it looks beautiful for a subtle or blinding glow. Plus, have you seen the size of that pan?!

So…? Body Mists. 

I love fragrances. Perfumes, body mists, candles, reed diffusers.. anything that smells nice. I think with the weather getting hotter and stickier taking pride in body odour is a pretty important thing. I purchased 3 of the So…? Body Mists from Boots and I have been wearing them non-stop. The scents I bought are called Pink Grapefruit, Iced Melon and Sparkling Tea. They all smell so fresh and amazing and I am confident when I’m out and about I’m smelling beautiful haha! 

My Raybans. 

I have wanted a pair of Rayban sunglasses for as long as I can remember. Sunglasses are not just a summer essential for me, but a an all year round essential. I am a complete sunglasses lover and hoarder and I’m always buying new pairs. Being a student meant that through the Unidays website I could get student discount on rayban sunglasses so I thought you know what? IM HAVING SOME. I chose the round shape and I am completely obsessed. They came with a case and a wiping cloth and they are just beautiful. I haven’t been without them since I received them.

The Beach. 

I live in a particularly quiet part of Cornwall, and one of the biggest perks of living in Cornwall  is its beaches. England had a bit of a weather change during June and we found the temperatures hotter than it’s been in years! This meant that most of my days off were spent loving life on the beach and enjoying the sun, sand and sea. I’m such a beach girl and it puts me in the best mood.. so it had to be a favourite of mine!

That’s it for my June Favourites my loves! What are some things you’ve been loving throughout June? Thanks for reading and I’ll speak you you all in my next post!

Alice xo

4 thoughts on “June Favourites.

    1. They could be! I got them from boots in Looe, they were only £1.99 which is why I got 3 of them! Try them you’ll them! I’ve been wearing the pink grapefruit one the most and had so many compliments!! X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No way! I need to pop in there then!! I know they were fairly cheap in Superdrug but I think these were smaller though, the Pink Grapefruit sounds like it will be my favourite


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