What I got for my 22nd Birthday.

Hey everyone,

It was my birthday on 18 January, yay for 22! I was completely spoilt by my amazing friends, family and boyfriend and I am so grateful to everyone for making my day so special. This year’s birthday was very different to what I am used to, as it was my first birthday with me being in full time work. I had a 4 hour long meeting that day but there were biscuits and a birthday card, I actually didn’t mind being at work at all, until I remembered that for last year’s birthday I was on the plane home from the best week of my life in New York! Crazy how far I have come since my 21st to my 22nd.

For this post I wanted to share with you the lovely gifts I got given for my birthday from my loved ones, I hope you enjoy!

I got this Harry Potter Quidditch cushion from Primark from my boyfriend. Harry Potter is my obsession in life, except from my dog of course (as some of you already know)! And I saw this when we were in town the other week and loved it instantly, so Josh bought it for me. Anything Harry Potter is a winner for me, and Primark are killing it with their Harry Potter stuff, I just wish my local Primark had more of it! It has a cool pattern on both sides so you can have it showing either way. Josh also keeps telling me he has ordered something to come at the end of the month so I wonder what that could be?!

My godmother bought me this Sleek Bring on the Night set. I was so happy about this, because it includes the solstice palette which is my favourite highlighter from the drugstore (see my November favourites), the Vintage Romance Eyeshadow Palette and Palette Lace, Blush by three Palette. I was very excited when I opened this as other than my solstice palette and the Rose Gold blush, I haven’t tried much from Sleek before so I’m excited about giving that a go.

My Grandma got me a box of Quality Street, which are my favourite chocolates – she knows me well! She also bought me a new notepad which says ‘Queen Bee’ on the front which I love. You can never have too many notebooks and I love stationary so I was extremely happy with this. Grandma also got me the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s a palette full of gorgeous shimmers and I am so excited to use it!

My other Grandma bought me a little ‘A’ keyring. I love keyrings, I have loads attached to my car keys and I love things with my initial on especially. It looks so cute next to all my other keyrings and it’s so sweet and thoughtful. She also gave me a little bit of money in my card to get myself a new Pandora bead for my bracelet.

My boyfriend’s parents got me the most BEAUTIFUL rose gold champagne flutes. This was so thoughtful as I told Josh’s mum ages ago how much I loved them (I love all things rose gold duh) and she remembered it and kept it in her mind until she found some. So thoughtful and I am absolutely in love with them. We are obviously saving for our own home so she bought me 6 of them to take to our new house. They are from George home at Asda, and they have matching wine glasses and normal drinking glasses to match so I am so going to get them!

Carrying on the Harry Potter theme, my sister bought me the Hufflepuff candle from Primark which I was so excited about. I had seen them online but as our Primark doesn’t have that much of an impressive Harry Potter section, I wasn’t expecting to be able to get one, so I’m over the moon with that! She also got me the cutest pack of Beauty and the Beast socks because she knows when it comes to movies, the only thing I love the same as Harry Potter is Beauty and the Beast. So thanks char!!

My lovely best friend and her two precious babies got me this lovely little light boxes. I love light boxes, I think they look so cool set up in a room and I love that they can say whatever you want them to say on them. My bestie is actually getting married this summer so I think this will be so cute to lend her for the reception as a little decoration. Very happy with that and I’m very grateful to her!

My parents were so generous, as they always are and I am forever grateful to them. I have a major thing for watches. I just love wearing watches, I never leave the house without one on and for me it’s just such a statement piece of Jewellery. I own an Ice watch that I wear on a day-to-day basis and a Michael Kors watch that mum and dad got me 4 years ago that is one of my favourite things I own. My Michael Kors is starting to scratch a little now, and I wanted to save it more as something for best so I wanted something in the middle of an everyday watch and a watch for best. I came across Bering Watches, and after doing some research decided that I wanted one. They have sapphire crystal lenses so don’t scratch easily, and it’s made out ceramic so weighs hardly anything. We went to the shop and picked it out (I needed to try it for size) but I am just obsessed. My dad is also a huge watch enthusiast (probably where I get it from) so we had so much fun picking it out. I just LOVE it! They also bought me a Harry Potter night shirt that says ‘I’d rather be at Hogwarts’ on the front because ain’t that the truth!

That’s everything I got for my 22nd birthday. I am by no means bragging about any gifts, I just received some gorgeous, thoughtful bits and wanted to share them with you. I’d love to know if anyone else has had a recent birthday and what you got?

Thanks so much for reading!

Alice xo

12 thoughts on “What I got for my 22nd Birthday.

    1. Thank you, they’re so pretty aren’t they! And yes my Hufflepuff one is Patchouli and Ginger, not sure what the other ones are! There’s a plain white Hogwarts one that I want that is honey and vanilla, the scents aren’t very strong though, they’re very subtle 🙂 xx

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  1. Such gorgeous gifts, you lucky girl! Love the Harry Potter cushions and I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Heavy Metals Urban Decay palette for so long. Happy belated birthday 🙂

    Jessica ♡ jessinwonderlandx.blogspot.co.uk

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