Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette

Hey everyone,

Now I know this could be quite a controversial statement, but I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His liquid lipstick formula is by far my favourite, and the skin frost highlighters are just out of this world blinding. I already own 3 of his full size skin frost highlighters and I use them every single day, so when I found out he was releasing Skin Frost Pro Palettes I squealed with excitement.


I watched his reveal video on YouTube and saw that he was bringing out 2 palettes. The 24 Karat palette and the Platinum Ice palette. Because of my fair skin tone I was immediately drawn to the Platinum Ice palette. I had previously had my eye on the Moonchild ABH Glow Kit, but I was never really willing to part with the money for it, especially because not all of the shades would be wearable for me. The Platinum Ice palette reminded me a little of the Moonchild Glow Kit, but I was much more drawn to it. Also, I am such a loyal Skin Frost user I knew that I had to own the palette.


The shades are just beautiful. They include 2 already existing shades (2 that I don’t actually own already – bonus) and 4 new shades. The shades are (from left to right):

  • Ice Cold, an off white colour that is already an existing Skin Frost shade.
  • Glacier, a very pale blue colour new to the collection.
  • Lavender Snow, a deep purple shade which is also already exists in the range.
  • Alien Ice, a pale pastel green.
  • Pink Chill, a pale pink shade.
  • Canary Bling, a pale soft yellow shade.


I ordered mine from Beauty Bay when they became available (all hail Beauty Bay) for £35. I know, a little pricey but I really was desperate to try it, and I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it. It came the day after and I immediately tried it out. The formula of these highlights I think is even better than the full size ones, if that’s possible. I don’t know whether or not the formula has been tweaked slightly but they are just so buttery and smooth. There are some colours that are a little bit more subtle than other upon application but they are all so dreamy. The shades I have been reaching for the most so far have been Ice Cold, Glacier, Pink Chill and Alien Ice. What I really like to do at the moment is apply Pink Chill to my cheek bones with a Real Techniques setting brush and then use a fan brush to apply Ice Cold over the top. The results are just gorgeous and I am definitely in love with this palette. The original highlighters are in huge pans, so with this being a palette with 6 different shades means its perfect for travel. I have been away twice since owning the palette and have taken it with me both times. It is definitely my new favourite staple product in my collection.

Hope you liked reading about the Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette. Let me know if you have tried one or if you’re planning to! I’d love to hear your opinions. Thank you for reading.

Alice xo


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