Tips on Blogging with a Full Time Job

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do something a little bit different with this post. As you’re probably aware by now, in September I started my first ever full time job as a Digital Marketing Officer. Apart from posting the odd post here and there previously, I started blogging properly last June when I had finished university and was working in a part time retail job, meaning I had quite a lot of free time to sit down and plan/write my posts. Since working full time, I have had to learn how to properly manage both working and blogging. My job is my job, and my blog is my hobby, my passion and my happy place and I’m loving doing both. In this post I want to share with you all my top tips on blogging when you have a full time job.

  • Carry a notebook everywhere to jot down ideas. Sometimes idea’s come to me at random moments so I like to have a notepad with me at all times.
  • Don’t get too obsessed with having a schedule, if you can stick to one, great! If not, don’t worry. Post when you are able to.
  • Take photos in bulk. If I have 2 or 3 posts written and ready, I will take my photos for those posts all in one go rather than doing them separately. I usually dedicate a Sunday afternoon to bulk take my photos.
  • Manage your free time – set aside some time in the evenings and weekends to blog/plan posts, but don’t feel obliged to.
  • Do some blog planning/writing in your lunch break (only if you are able to do this of course). I do some planning and writing during my lunch break sometimes which I like, it seems to keep me chilled and sane during a work day.
  • Use a social media scheduling tool to help with posting. Buffer is my saviour for scheduling tweets. This just helps ensure you are posting on your social media regularly.
  • Remind yourself that it’s okay to have time off or to feel like you’re not up to doing it. It’s not the be all and end all, look after yourself. Working full time is tiring and hard work, you deserve a rest!
  • Draft out post titles – when I have an idea for a post in mind, I will always write the title in a new post so that I have them there. Sometimes later on I will decide I don’t like them and restart but having them saved as drafts makes me feel more organised and like I have something new to work on.
  • Download apps that may help you or use a notes app. I have the WordPress app downloaded on my phone which I find works really well. It means if I’m on a bus or in a car with someone else driving, or even just out for a walk but a blog post or title pops into my head, or I have one that needs finishing off and I have some time to kill, I can do it on my phone. The WordPress app even allows you to add your photos to your posts so it’s so handy, I can blog on the go!

Those are my top tips on blogging when you also work full time. I hope you enjoyed reading them, and I hope that it helps some of you. Not having as much time as you’d like for your hobbies can be difficult, but it’s all part of growing up and becoming an adult. You can do anything you set your minds to!

Thanks for reading.

Alice xo

8 thoughts on “Tips on Blogging with a Full Time Job

  1. These are great tips 🙂 I love that you mention not to get obsessed with a schedule. I used to try so hard but it got too tough. Also carrying a journal is such a priority for me I have so many different sizes for when I change purses/bags x


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