Tips for getting through your Dissertation

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter talking and ranting about writing their dissertation. I can’t but feel for those people, that was in fact me this time last year! I can’t believe that time goes that fast. I can remember being in my second year of University panicking about my upcoming dissertation, and now I’m a graduate with a full time job!

We were given the opportunity of either writing a 10,000 word essay, or doing a project and a 5000 essay related to the project. I chose to write a 10,000 word essay about how Disney Princesses are portrayed in the movies.

I survived it, and so can you! So for this post I wanted to share some tips with you on how to get through writing your dissertation.

  1. Time keeping is key! Start it as soon as possible, don’t leave it until last minute. 10,000 words is a lot and taking your time and starting early is vital.
  2. Write out a rough word count for each paragraph, I found this really helpful with knowing how much to write for each paragraph. For example, I allocated 1,000 words to my introduction and conclusion so I was saving the main word count for my Literature Review, my Methodology and Textual Analysis.
  3. Make regular appointments with your dissertation tutor, they’re there to help so let them!
  4. Send your work every now and then for your tutor to check – I did this paragraph by paragraph so when it came back I knew where to amend bits. This helped me so much. Obviously they can’t give too much advice but he told me which bits could do with being tweaked.
  5. Make a realistic goal – I used to aim for 1000 words a week, more if I could manage it.
  6. Go to the prep classes, they tend to teach you the layout and rules ect.. I found writing a dissertation was like writing a book! It had to include a contents page and everything! Be as prepared before hand as possible.
  7. Reference your sources as you go, you will end up with around 50 ish references by the end, it helps to do them as you go, so you don’t have to hunt for 50 references at the end!
  8. Make sure the topic you’re writing about interests you. You will be spending A LOT of time researching and A LOT of time writing and perfecting it. It will take over your life slightly, so it’s so important it’s a topic you are passionate about and can write a lot about.
  9. Finally, believe in yourself – you CAN do this and it will be so worth it!

I hope these tips help some of you in one way or another – remember, you’re capable of doing it, and nothing feels better than handing in day.

Good luck to anyone writing their dissertation and I hope you get the results you’re wishing for. What topics are you doing?

Thanks for reading lovlies,

Alice xo

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