Bath & Body Works Haul

Now I’m just going to come out and say it, I am a candle freak. I just LOVE candles. I buy way more than I should and own WAY more than I should – and I don’t care, I just love candles. In my eyes, there is nothing better than getting cosy on an evening and lighting a candle and snuggling up with a book or something on the TV. I have candles for every season/occasion and they are just one of the little things that keeps me happy, sane and relaxed. I am complete and utter self diagnosed candle maniac.

I have always wanted to give Bath & Body Works a try. It’s one of the most hyped about shops and me being completely candle obsessed, I just couldn’t resist. As it’s mainly an American brand, it means you can’t order anything from there to the UK without getting hit with a huge customs charge. I debated whether or not I should give one of those services a go where you’re given an American address and then have it shipped to the UK, but I actually came across a Facebook page for UK Bath & Body Works fans (one of those groups you have to request to join) who order off the official website, and then resell everything on this page at an English price. I was mind blown, and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make my first ever Bath & Body Works order. I ordered quite a few bits over the last couple of weeks so I thought I would do a little haul for this post!

Here is everything I got in my Bath & Body Works haul

  • Salt Flower 3 wick candle

  • Ocean Driftwood 3 wick candle

  • Pink Prosecco 3 wick candle

  • Rose Water and Ivy, Tiki beach and Pure White Cotton scentportable refill. (These fit inside a vent clip that’s in my car, they make the car smell AMAZING and last for about 6-8 weeks) The little brown and blue box is a small box of matches that came with one of my orders – SO CUTE
  • Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus, Let’s Flamingle and Figi White Sands Antic Bac Mini Hand Sanitisers

That is everything I have recently ordered from Bath & Body Works. I am absolutely in love with everything. I can’t wait to add more beautifully smelling products to my growing collection. As you can see, I haven’t lit any of the candles yet as I have others I want to get rid of first, but at the moment Ocean Driftwood is definitely my favourite scent out of the 3! I can’t wait to start burning them.

Have you tried anything from Bath & Body Works before? I’d love to know your favourite products!

Thanks for reading

Alice xo

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