18 Things my Favourite TV show has Taught Me

So anyone who knows me knows that Friends is the ultimate love of my life (apart from Josh and the dog!!) and is just everything to me! I don’t know what it is about that TV show but I always have it on every. single. day. I have it on a constant loop and the minute I have watched the season 10 finale (that makes me cry every time) I out season 1 episode 1 straight back on. This year I’ve FINALLY been lucky enough to get tickets for Friends Fest and I can hardly contain my excitement – keep your eyes peeled for a post on that! It’s going to be one of the best days of my life I can tell, eeekkk!

I’ve watched the show since I was about 10 years old in those 12 years of loving it, it has taught me so much. In this post I wanted to share a list of the 18 things that Friends has taught me.

  1. The right way to say and use ‘your’ and ‘you’re.
  2. Surrounding yourself with positive people who genuinely care is the best thing that you can do for yourself.
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, try again!
  4. The truth always comes out in the end.
  5. You should NEVER bet your home in a game, it won’t end well.
  6. You only need to use one word when maneuvering heavy furniture.. PIVOT!
  7. It’s ok to not act like a grown up all the time.
  8. Make sure the person you settle down and share your life with is your best friend.
  9. You are in charge of your own happiness.
  10. Hard work will always pay off and be worth it.
  11. Say the right name at the Alter.
  12. Whatever is meant to be, will be.
  13. The importance of coffee. (Have you ever seen 6 people drink so much coffee?!)
  14. It’s ok to be anxious when challenges arise. That’s life, and you’ll always find a way to overcome and deal with it.
  15. Always forgive.
  16. When playing rock, paper, scissors, always use fire.
  17. Enjoy the little things in life, they are what mean the most.
  18. It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it IS a big deal!

I hope you enjoyed reading through my list. What has your favourite TV show taught you?

Alice xo

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