July Favourites

I am actually slightly in shock about the fact we are now in August. This year is just absolutely flying by and I really can’t get my head around it! Summer is a busy time and I have been absolutely loving the heatwave (the sun is a definite favourite from the past month!). Living in Cornwall when the suns out reminds why I am so fortunate. The beach on my doorstep, crystal clear sea and golden sand. When summer hits Cornwall it’s just like being abroad.. absolutely stunning!

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post so I have accumulated quite a few bits and bobs, but here is what I have been enjoying throughout July!

  • Harry Potter Honeydukes Makeup Bag

Primark just absolutely kill it with their Harry Potter items. We all know I’m a complete Harry Potter freak and I pick up something every time I go into Primark. They have recently brought out a new ‘Honeydukes’ collection which if you know Harry Potter will know that they are the magical sweets shop. I could not resist this amazing Honeydukes makeup bag with Bertie Botts every flavour beans on the back for £6! It’s such a decent size and it will be so easy to travel with.


This was a product I wanted to try as soon as it was released. I had heard it was meant to be a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape which I have never tried, but it’s pretty expensive and hard to get in the UK so I was determined to give this a go. I got the shade C3 and I love how it looks. It makes my under eye look so smooth, and the coverage is dreamy. I have actually used it as a light layer of foundation in the past few days and it’s done an amazing job!


I love buying body sprays from Superdrug and always browse the shelves when I pop in. These Victoria’s Secret ones are some of my holy grails. The one I have been obsessed with is Amber Romance. It has such a fresh scent which is what I love and every time I put some on I get compliments! A must have when the weather is hot and you want to make sure you’re smelling fresh!


I have been on a couple of nice evenings out this past month and have been playing around with my makeup again. I own 3 shades of the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows, you can see my post here, but the one I have been reaching for the most recently is Diamond Dust. It’s a beautiful silver shade and the sparkles are out of this world. I still think that these are one of my favourite beauty products released EVER. Nothing compares!


I bought this at the beginning of June because of my determination to drink more water and blimey has it worked! It has the times of day on the side and how much you should have drank by each time and it is so useful. The recommended daily intake is 2 of the bottle, however I have been going through 3/4 and have noticed a massive difference. I don’t know what it is but this bottle makes me drink!


I usually read my books on my iPad but with the weather changing and the sun being out and shining bright, the glare on the iPad meant I couldn’t see a thing when in the garden or on the beach. Loads of people recommended kindles to me as they’re so lightweight and there’s no glare. I have also been thinking of getting one for a while because of the amount of books they can store, so I took the leap and bought a little Kindle and I am CHUFFED with it! I take it absolutely everywhere with me, it’s so easy to transport places and the fact there is no glare means I can read till my heart’s content on the beach in the sun – yipppeeee! I have a review post coming really soon on my new Kindle!


Thanks for reading through my July Favourites. What have you been loving this past month? Have you tried out any of these products before?

Alice xo

4 thoughts on “July Favourites

  1. Eeeekkkkkkk that makeup bag is soooooo cute! And I’m obsessed with the Makeup Revolution concealer; it’s creamy, has great coverage and looks great on my skin all day (hallelujah!). I also really love the Stila liquid Eyeshadows, they’re so swoon-worthy. Thanks for sharing! xo

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    1. Thank you I’m so in love with it! And the concealer is amazing. I’m so glad cos I had really high hopes for it! And the Stila eyeshadows really are the most dreamy things, I couldn’t recommend them any more! X

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  2. I’m scared at how fast time is flying too! kindles are really good ideas, you don’t realise how necessary they are until you have one!


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