Amazon Kindle E Reader Review

One of my New Year resolutions for 2018 was to read more books. I’ve never been much of a book worm and always found reading difficult due to my dyslexia. I can’t read black on white, and I also struggle to register and take in what I do read, but the books I did read I loved. My favourite thing to do on an evening, I’m sure like many others, is to sit and watch Netflix. While I love doing this I feel like reading just gives me that little extra down time I need to calm down my brain. My anxiety causes my brain to go in to overdrive on a very regular basis and one of the times it’s at its worse is the evening right before I go to bed. I figured by reading a bit before bed and escaping to a non-fiction world (preferably Hogwarts) I will be in a completely different headspace when it comes to going to sleep.

I don’t’ read physical paperback/hardback books, I read on my iPad due to dyslexia but reading on the iPad started to prove really difficult outside in sunlight. The glare on the screen became too annoying and I ended up not actually seeing anything at all. The iPad also started to make my wrists ache after a while because of the weight of it, and I also just didn’t enjoy using it as a book anymore as it was also hard to travel with and take to work with me. After thinking about purchasing one for the longest time, I took the plunge and ordered an amazon Kindle e-reader.

There were many different things that drew me to the Kindle e-reader. The non-glare screen was a really big one. It meant I’d be able to sit out in the sun, in the garden or on the beach anywhere in the world and read without having to hide under a towel/blanket to see it. It’s SO lightweight and thin (see photo below) I can hold it in one hand which for someone who had been previously been using a heavy iPad was a luxury! I also found that using the Kindle app on my iPad would drain the battery really quickly, whereas the Kindle doesn’t require power to maintain a page of text, allowing weeks on a single charge – god send! You can make the text bigger or smaller to suit your reading preference, and it tells you at the bottom how far through a book you are with a percentage. It’s honestly one of my favourite things I have ever bought. You can access your library where you can see all the books you have bought/downloaded and actually buying the books from Amazon and getting them on the Kindle is the most simple task. After you have registered your Kindle to your Amazon account, you simply search a book, click the button that says Kindle edition and boom! It’s on your Kindle!

I really could go on about why the Kindle e-reader has been the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time. I bought mine in white and bought a little rose gold case to keep it safe and in good condition. I use it on a daily basis and I’m so happy with it. I am currently reading all the Harry Potter books again – currently on the Prisoner of Askaban, (Harry Potter Super Fan over here!) and I am just so happy that as someone who has struggled with reading in the past now has a magical little gadget that makes it the easiest, happiest and most relaxing past time! I’m also really hoping to start doing some book reviews in the future so watch this space.

You can purchase the same Kindle as me by clicking here. You can also get the case I purchased for mine by clicking here.

Do any of you use a Kindle to read? What do you think of yours? Or do you prefer a normal, physical book?

Thanks for reading!

Alice xo

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