Mini Benefit Haul

So recently I had been running out of certain things in my makeup bag and was looking to change up my products in my collection a little bit. I am such a huge makeup lover and I, I’m sure like money, have always spent a little more than necessary on items that I don’t need. Having said this, it’s been quite a while since I treated myself to some new beauty products after sorting out my monthly spending habits (house saving and all that!) so I thought I would do a mini haul for the blog.

All of these products you’ll notice are from the same brand, and are all ones I have either tried and loved or never tried. Boots had a little 3 for £25 offer on Benefit minis and I jsut couldn’t help myself! The minis are the perfect way of testing out some of their products I have always wanted to try. Here is what I ordered:

Benefit Brow Tryouts – Brow Pencil & Setting Gel Set

This little set of ‘try out’ products really caught my eye. My parents had got me an eyebrow set last Christmas which included the Goof Proof Brow pencil. I saw this set came with that pencil, the Precisely My Brow pencil and the brow gel all travel size. I thought this would be perfect because when I run out of one I’ll still have the other left, and I get to try the clear gel I’ve wanted to try for ages!

Mini Dandelion Blush 

Another product I have wanted to try forever. I am running out of my blushes and I wanted to try something new. I had heard good things about this one and as it was part of the offer on minis so perfect!


Mini Hoola Bronzer 

This is one of the most raved about bronzers in the beauty industry and I have never tried it! So when I saw this was part of the minis offer I couldn’t resist. I was a bit nervous that it would be a bit too dark for my skin tone but so far it looks ok, and so far I’m enjoying it!


Mini Roller Lash Mascara

I have tried and loved the Roller Lash mascara and I find the travel size perfect to use on my lower lashes. It doesn’t really work on my lashes as well as the Maybelline Lash Sensational does so I use Lash sensational first on my top lashes and then go over my top lashes and coat my bottom lashes in Roller Lash and I love it. I also received a makeup bag free in the offer which I am currently storing these new products in.


These minis are such a handy little size and the perfect way of testing out new products. If once I’ve used them up and I love them as much as I do now I will be definitely be purchasing the full size versions!

Have any of you tried any of these products before? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Alice xo


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