10 Things Nobody Tells you about getting a Puppy

My family have always had dogs and I am a HUGE dog person. The last puppy we had I was a young child and the dog we had after that we rescued. After losing her and deciding we wanted another 4 legged best friend we made the derision to get a Labrador puppy.  My little Albus Dumbledog is the absolute light of my life. He is the most charismatic, hilarious, cutest most precious soul in the world and I never knew it was possible to love a pooch as much as I love him.

He’s just about to turn 1 so he’s now toilet trained, allowed out on his walkies and is generally a really well behaved little boy (of course he’s my angel child) but here are a few things you need to be warned about when getting a teeny little puppy!

  1. Having to keep your eye on them 24/7 to make sure they’re not going to the toilet in the house or ending up in places they shouldn’t
  2. The guilt and upset you feel with yourself when you have to that BEAUTIFUL little face off
  3. The amount of people who stop you when you’re out to fuss them when it already takes ages to get anywhere with a puppy with little legs.. walkies took ages!
  4. Having to constantly reach into his mouth and down his throat to fish out things he shouldn’t have
  5. This puppy will become your everything and your baby.. it effects everything
  6. The thought of leaving them is actually upsetting, I miss him even when I’m working!
  7. The ‘he’s not coming in the bed’ rule will completely go out the window – those snuggly, sleepy night time cuddles are everything!
  8. They fart – and dog farts STINK
  9. They eat all sorts of gross stuff which results in a very upset stomach
  10. The love you feel for this little 4 legged fur baby will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced (apart from if you have a human baby)

Hope you enjoyed this post – do any of you guys have a dog? Are you as obsessed with them as I am with mine? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading

Alice xo

5 thoughts on “10 Things Nobody Tells you about getting a Puppy

  1. These photos are just the best!! so cute!!! We just got a new puppy, and literally they pick everything up constantly having things in their mouth they deffo shouldn’t! x

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  2. Puppies are adorable, but kind of the worst. I vowed to always adopt a dog that’s at least one because we had a very pleasant experience with my dog when we adopted him at that age. Full of energy (and still is 7 years later), but not in the piss-on-and-eat-everything phase.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


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