We got Engaged!

I can’t believe I finally get to say this but yep, after 9 years with the love of my life and my absolute best friend, on the 17th August 2019 he asked me to marry him. I am still in complete and utter shock!

It was something we’d always spoken about and something we know would do eventually, but having been together since we were so young it was not our priority, our first priority was to buy a house. We never wanted to rent, we knew we wanted to buy and we didn’t want to get married and end up still living with parents! So Josh had always said once we had moved into our own house, I could expect a ring shortly after. I just thought he meant a few months after, not 8 weeks! But it really was the best surprise ever.

I always thought I’d know when it was about to happen, so many people say their partners started to act differently in the days leading up to it and I thought I’d notice, but I didn’t! It was last thing I expected, so much so even when he started to make a little ‘speech’ I was still oblivious! He took me up to Rame Head which is a little old chapel on top of a cliff over looking Whitsand Bay where we live and got down on one knee. We all used to joke with him that beacuse we’d been to New York, up the Empire State Building, Central Park, we’d had a private pod on the London Eye in the dark with some Prosecco and not popped the question that he’d made it more and more difficult for himself, but I think the fact it was done at home where we both grew up, next to the beaches where I spent most of my childhood just made it so much more special and personal. We had the dog with us as well, (which he had planned because the dog is my favourite thing in the world) it really could not have been more perfect.

He hit the nail on the head with the ring. Everyone dreams of what their engagement ring will look like, and I can remember seeing it for the first time and just crying my eyes out. I knew I loved the pear shaped diamonds and Josh knew that they were my preference. I’d sent him a couple of pictures last year so he knew for future reference and he just got it so right. I would’ve said yes to anything he gave me, but as I say, he really couldn’t have got the ring more right. I’m head over heels in love and still can’t stop staring at it!

We are aiming for an autumn 2020 wedding, and I still can’t believe I’m wedding planning! I can’t wait to write up more wedding planning content ideas for the blog, and if you or anyone you know has some brilliant wedding planning blog posts please please please send them my way!

Thanks for reading one of my most exciting posts to date, and let’s get wedding planning, whoop!


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